Water Damage Cleanup

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In case of water damage, MVES is always ready to assist you. Our team of technicians will quickly assess the situation and start the restoration process, whether it’s caused by a broken plumbing line or severe weather. We understand the 3 categories of water damage designated by IICRC and will provide you with the exact work your property needs. It’s crucial to get prompt water extraction to prevent mold, pests, and structural damage. Our certified technicians will handle the entire process, from assessment to dealing with insurance providers. Call us today to schedule your full, on-site estimate by dialing (937) 859-1111.

Our 3 Step Water Damage Repair:

Assess the damage

  • Remove any remaining water
  • Test the drywall for integrity
  • Call an expert if necessary.

Remove the damage

  • Check for water signs
  • Remove any non-structural materials
  • Use dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth.

Repair the area

  • Apply drywall compound in thin layers
  • Sand it down when dry
  • Apply a primer coat
  • Paint to match the surrounding wall.


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