Real Estate Environmental Awareness Program

Empowering realtors to create healthier homes with REEAP.

The “Real Estate Environmental Awareness Program,” or REEAP, is a continuing education program that was developed by real estate professionals for their peers. It is designed to educate realtors across the US about the significance of properly handling indoor environmental concerns. With this exclusive program, we aim to foster a strong alliance to maintain the healthiness of buildings.

This program has been specifically designed and developed by real estate professionals for their peers, which means that it is created by experts who understand the industry and the specific challenges realtors face. The program has been approved and is taught across the United States, making it widely accessible to real estate agents who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Our Purpose

  • Educate realtors on indoor environmental issues such as indoor air quality, water quality, and energy efficiency
  • Better equip clients to make informed decisions
  • Enable Real estate agents to provide valuable advice on improving building health
  • Improve building health and increase it’s value and attract more buyers

Building Healthier Homes and Stronger Partnerships

Through REEAP, real estate agents can gain a deeper understanding of indoor environmental issues and the impact they have on the health and well-being of building occupants. This program is an excellent opportunity for realtors to differentiate themselves in the market and demonstrate their commitment to promoting healthy homes. Furthermore, by participating in REEAP, realtors can establish a strong partnership with organizations and individuals working to maintain the healthiness of buildings, which can benefit both their clients and the real estate industry as a whole.

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